Available in many tints!



[e] Melody - Brown 06
LAQ ~ Claudia2 - [Cocoa] 01
*ICING* Coquette Pink
[W&B] Drew Mini-Skirt AUBERGIN
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet :: GRAPHIK :: Pink
::Duh!:: Women's Woven Belt - Black
!!KKBB!! Slouchy Boots - Magenta
KC No.28[DahliaDress](Mauve)Socks

Wasabi Pills Hunt

Wasabi Pills hunt
Find 10 crates around the SIM to collect the outfit + hair (for both male and female).
The place is nice to take pics!
Fly to Wasabi Pills


At Petit Pas once again!

We are showing almost all the prizes in lucky boards available but, remember, GROUP needed to get prizes (many group joiner around).

右 (on right)
=ROGE= Hiar53_Leaf Green(Lucky) (Petit Pas Lucky Board)

Lo*momo - feel at home(petit pas Pink) (Petit Pas Lucky Board)

**mischievous cat** Menge-Silver

Kyoko Couture No.28[DahliaDress](Mauve)Socks (Group gift)

Romi Juliesse 2010 Gift Skin 3(Pale) Group gift (100L$ join fee) or 10 minutes lucky board

buttons. xoxo flats [dollarbie]

(* Tacky Star! *) Vaude Smaller--vein 1

左(on left)

:::Dimbula Rose::: Pink clown skin_opening gift02 (available at main shop for free)

Kyoko Couture No.37[ClasicalDress](Red)LB@PP (Petit Pas Lucky Board)


:::{{trico}}::: CARLA (auburn) (NOT FREE)


"daru"shiroi+hanamidori (Petit Pas Lucky Board)
:::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOAD CLARISS BOXED(auburn) 1
[[[nocc.]]] tulip flower pot_salmon pink(Petit Pas Lucky Board)
[[[nocc.]]] tulip flower pot_white(Petit Pas Lucky Board)


Pose Noir and Onyx
*Milty* Couple Ball 06 (Petit Pas Lucky Board)


On Noir
:::Dimbula Rose::: Dark clown skin (Petit Pas Lucky Board)

Dark Kat DemotiK - Unixsex/Mens Gift (Dark Kat hunt prize)

+grasp+/Hunting9 Prize

+grasp+/1st annversary special prize/for mens (gone but everyone did, isn't it?)

Moonsong Caves Hunt

Moonsong Caves Hunt

This weekend is the grand opening of Moonsong Caves and designers are all celebrating with a lava hunt!

Look for glowy chunks of lava for 0-1L each from Lazy Places, [Gauze], ~silentsparrow~, Schadenfreude, Studio Sidhe, Discord Designs, and Flipside.

Moonsong Caves hot landmark, watch your feet/paws/hooves!

On Noir (right)
[Gauze] Elistyl - Pin Stripe Pants
::FlipSide:: guy leather bracelets
-dDx- Nethead-5e (Firewire)
:+:SS:+: Artsy 1 (pose)

On Onyx (left)
-dDx- Nethead-5e (Firewire)
::FlipSide:: Star Face piercings
Schadenfreude Moonsong Collar
:+:SS:+: Artsy 2 (pose)
[Gauze] Elistyl - Jacket
[Gauze] Elistyl - Gloves
Schadenfreude Moonsong Bracelets
(Bruise) Gutter Glitter Ruffle Skirt ~silentsparrow~

Skins are from G.P.(Curio) and [][]Trap[][] NOT IN THE HUNT!

Moonsong Caves Hunt


Have you been at Peitit Pas?
If not hurry! There are many pretty boards waiting for you!
I am just showing hair from !SyDS! board and a group gift from Lo*momo because I am lazy and I don't love wait too much! I just love to explore and the place is pretty!
I think I'll be there again now and then, see you around ^^

[!SyDS! Hair] La fleur du petit pas
*: Lo*momo :* Groupgift
:GP: Petal [Light] Cupid-Teddybear 2
(Shiny Things) Zimmy Flats - faded denim



LAQ ~ Julie [Milky] 04

Amacci Hair Adena ~ * New * Natural Copper

~Aria's~ Llyra Gown Black-Gold

[LP] Lazy Places